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Traveling with children take care of their comfort

Summer is a great time of the year. Time for rest and recovery. It is now a great time to replenish forces and recharge your health, gain new impressions. In summer many families travel with children.

In order for the rest to be successful parents in a timely manner, you need to take care of the comfort of your little children. Our Rental Baby Service with great pleasure will help you in this. Traveling with children with a car  - we are happy to offer you a large selection of car seats for different age and weight categories, in an ideal condition and well-known manufacturers. Despite where you travel and by what means of transport, by plane or by car, to the sea, to the mountains or just to your grandmother's guests, there will always be a stroller  to help you. Easy, comfortable, comfortable cane which weighs only 7 kg. This is even allowed to take the plane as a hand baggage, it folds and unfolds in one motion. Also, on a trip, at the resort you will always be helped to stay in touch with the baby baby monitor. It will take care of comfort and safety, and can also serve as a place for sleeping - a crib-riding school, if necessary, equipped with a mattress. When transporting it does not take much space, it is compactly folded and there is a carry bag.

When a child grows up it is very important that he moves a lot and develops physically. With great pleasure we can offer for kids rolling a children's roller coaster, trampoline, children's sports complex and a lot of toys  and development centers. It will be fun for children and calm parents.

Apply to our website and visit our office in Rovno, D. Galitsky Street, 9 and we will always be able to take care of your children, make their life interesting, comfortable and happy. Offer a very large range of rentals of various children's products, toys, as well as carnival costumes.

We are waiting for your visit.